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Brexit deal revealed

Welcome to the world of tomorrow!   Life is always full of surprises and in this brave new world people are wondering what deal the UK will get with the EU now that we are leaving. Well I have to look at the deal the UK will be able to achieve. Where to start? well […]

EU Referendum Propaganda

I have wanted to stay out of the whole EU referendum as people should be making up their own minds and doing their own research, but instead I keep seeing propaganda from both sides.   World War 3 will not precipitate if the UK leaves the EU. The UK will adapt and succeed whether in […]

Scotland Decides?

There is a referendum about to take place in Scotland, to determine whether or not they wish to separate from the UK. I have deliberately not said if they are to be independent, simply because I do not view that as the case. If the vote is yes then they wish to join/remain part of […]

A year out

OK, more like 18 months out, but due to people constantly trying to post spam combined with a complete lack of time, due to a baby, I let this site take a back seat. Back seat may be an understatement, maybe I kicked it out of the car and said “I’ll come back for you […]

Baroness Thatcher

I have waited a day before posting this as I was not sure if an obituary belonged on the site, but I came to the obvious conclusion that Mrs Thatcher was by some margin the biggest character in British politics during my life. So at 87 and a couple of decades since being in power […]

Ed Balls wanting a tax cut for the rich

I have mentioned this before, but as I have seen yet another clip where labour point to Ed Balls’ 5 point plan for the economy with the temporary VAT cut always being the most cited part I thought I should say it again! VAT is mainly charged on non-esential items, meaning that the 20% VAT […]

Cash for Access

Labour are trying to make much of the fact that David Cameron has had private meals with donors to the Conservatives. This kind of thing seams to go around and constantly get renewed every year in one form or another with Government. Does it look bad? According to Labour it does, but them they are […]

Budget Thoughts

Now that I have had a few days to calm myself from the initial response to Labour’s attempts at political point scoring, I have seen a few headlines in the news and had chance to think carefully about the budget myself. Overall, the budget felt fine to me, it sent broadly the right signals and […]

Ineptness and Opportunism

I thought my first post after the budget would be about what I did not like about George Osbourne’s changes. I thought I would be going on about the things I did like. Sadly, my first post is about Ed Miliband. Absolutely not a single thing worth hearing! Trying to harass the Cabinet about whether […]

Freezing Fuel Duty

OK, so this is the ‘easy win’ to turn around and say that my final point of my budget suggestions is to freeze fuel duty. Well as someone who drives above average miles each year I am tempted to do just that, but I think I would still have a duty rise, but a minimal […]

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