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The persisting problem with unions

I recently had a long conversation with a high ranking union official, the conversation/debate was spontaneous and interesting. The whole thing was by an accidental meeting at a child’s party. He was keen to let me know that he had developed a close working relationship with the management of the company he worked for, which […]

Triple A disaster

At the end of last week one of the credit ratings agencies finally downgraded the UK to AA1, bringing to an end the ‘precious’ AAA rating. Now this could be seen as a disaster as holding onto the triple A rating had been so important to George Osbourne, however a more pragmatic view should be […]

4G auction, success or failure?

The auction of the 4G radio spectrum has finished and raised less than anticipated, coming in £1.2billion below budget expectations. So, naturally the question of whether the auction has been a success or not has been asked. Fundamentally, we will not know for years to come. Yes it raised significantly less than the £22 billion […]

A Political Gesture, Nothing More

Having looked closer at the coverage of the ‘One Nation’ speech I feel that this story would have served the public best if no-one had reported on it! It is simply a little piece of politics for the scoring of points and has nothing to do with benefiting people. This mansion tax to give a […]

Ed Milliband – One Nation, no idea

Today Ed Milliband made a speech, which I will have to watch in full as only one part has been on the news. This ‘One Nation’ speech appears to have been about saying when he was Gordon Brown’s advisor, along side Ed Balls, he was wrong and should not have got rid of the 10p […]

Already thinking of the next general election?

I find it increasingly common to hear discussions around the potential outcome and political battlegrounds for the 2015 general election. This is way too soon to be thinking about such things. The next election will be coloured by the state of the economy at that time and it is still no clearer what the economy […]

The hidden truth about growth

I find it amazing that as time has gone on no-one on the Government side has even tried to point out that despite the poor growth a stable economy size is a good thing. Now think about it for a moment, the size of Government is shrinking, which must mean that the private sector is […]

NHS Reform Bill Finally to Pass into Law

I see that the NHS bill has apparently made it to the final stage and is set to become law by Easter. The opponents of the bill are saying they will continue to fight, but do not appear to me to be giving any actual things to fight against. The truth is as far as […]

Common Sense Versus Political Necessity

It has become increasingly clear over the recent weeks as the budget has approached that the 50p tax rate is being used as a signal of fairness. Labour saying you cannot cut the tax rate for the richest when you are freezing pay for the public sector and cutting public sector jobs. Coalition members saying […]

Overhauling Pension Tax Relief

As my second of four entries for the up coming budget I have elected to tackle overhauling pension tax relief. This will of course leave the easy populist items to come! My thoughts here are really quite rough as I have not gone into what the figures truly mean, as pension tax relief is more […]

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