EU Referendum Propaganda

I have wanted to stay out of the whole EU referendum as people should be making up their own minds and doing their own research, but instead I keep seeing propaganda from both sides.


World War 3 will not precipitate if the UK leaves the EU.

The UK will adapt and succeed whether in or out of the EU.

The UK does not send £350 million each week to the EU.

Turkey having access to the Shengen zone does not mean 70+ million people coming our way.


I would love to debate the issues, frankly from both sides. I will say now that my preference is to stay in, as if the EU does not reform in a favourable direction we can always vote to leave in the future, if we leave we may not be able to rejoin. The EU is flawed, but so is all government, it has serious issues to look at over the next few years and we are in a position to guide it in a better direction. If we are unable to make progress, we can easily say – you were warned and did not heed the warning.

So, if we leave have you given thought to the German financial sector? it will see the opportunity to take significant business from London this may easily out way any pull from the German automotive industry. Or how about the ease at which we agree a trade deal with the EU? Do you think France will be happy at having to pick up a significant chunk of the UK’s contribution? They could veto any trade deal. The bulk of the UK’s about £150 million a week contribution will be met by Germany and France, neither will be thrilled.

Most of the EU want us the stay even if it is just to prevent Germany completely dominating, Germany see us as an important partner in getting the EU reformed. Of course we do not share our view of the EU 100% with any EU nation, everyone wants what is best for themselves and finding a balance of what each is prepared to give up in order to gain what they want is often painfully slow. Think of this though, the minor concessions that have been granted to the UK prove that agreements can be made much quicker with enough effort, the precedent has been set and incremenatal changes should be possible from now on. This momentum should be built up on not wasted, if we leave the momentum could be lost and if our largest trading partner stagnates and fails we would at the very least suffer a major shock.

When looking at regulations originating at the EU, look at how other nations implement them and then ask why OUR bureaucrats insist on gold plating the regulations? Why do they implement to the maximum and not the minimum or just appropriate level? The more they gold plate the more power they have themselves, fix the implementation otherwise the bureaucrats will simply continue outside the EU. We have allowed government to grow too big and this is not just down to the EU, the EU is just a convenient scape goat.

The EU is far from perfect and if we cannot make progress on fixing its issues then we should leave, right now despite the problems from EU membership on balance I view that we benefit overall. On this balance the risk is worth taking for staying in the EU, leaving would pose numerous problems that we do not need to give ourselves when the EU is on the cusp of major reforms to try to fix the Eurozone. Stay and use the opportunity to fix the wider issues at the same time, if we fail we can say we did everything to make it work but it really is not for us, succeed and we will be more prosperous and have more influence internationally.

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