A year out

OK, more like 18 months out, but due to people constantly trying to post spam combined with a complete lack of time, due to a baby, I let this site take a back seat. Back seat may be an understatement, maybe I kicked it out of the car and said “I’ll come back for you shortly” with shortly turning into eventually!

Now I cannot promise to keep up with this now either, however I do have a little time each day where I can gather my thoughts into a post or two. Besides with so much going on I figured it is important to get back to what I wanted to do.

If I can avoid getting too many people wanting to post spam about clothing or various medications I will keep the comments open to anyone who wishes to contribute.

Life is always about priorities and whilst not my top priority, it is important to me to put on record of some time what I think about the politics of the UK, which may about to be getting smaller!

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