Baroness Thatcher

I have waited a day before posting this as I was not sure if an obituary belonged on the site, but I came to the obvious conclusion that Mrs Thatcher was by some margin the biggest character in British politics during my life. So at 87 and a couple of decades since being in power her shadow is still divides opinion, personally I have said we need another political leader like her. She managed to square doing what she believed was right and necessary with what was popular. Popular may look like a strange word to use, but she was elected and re-elected despite doing some very unpopular things. Popular, in the sense that the message she had may have been a hard one, but still got votes. I should also say that whilst I think we need strong leadership, we do need to work hard to make sure the necessary changes do not create division and desolation. So, Margaret Thatcher will continue to evoque strong reactions probably until she has passed from living memory. What the history books will eventually say is unclear, but hopefully the facts will be more prominent than the emotions.

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